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A Diva Getaway is a necessity! You only live once... Oh the life of a Diva! Divas just want to have fun. Dont hate me because I'm Divalicious!  If you're going to do it, then do it Diva style!


Joie de Divas is a luxury travel company aimed at providing women with exclusive upscale girlfriend getaways. One major difference between Joie de Divas and those 'other' travel companies is that we offer superior living accommodations and meticulously planned itineraries to ensure that each travel opportunity offers a taste of the rich and famous lifestyle.


Joie de Divas caters to professional women who know how to appreciate 'the finer things in life'. If you love to travel, meet new people with similar interests or simply just want to have some Diva fun then Joie de Divas is the travel company for you! We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and going the extra mile for you, our girlfriends. After all, you're worth it!


Our luxury events are held around the country and are centered around magnificent million dollar mansions or lavish hotels/resorts. Travel with us means first class transportation and red carpet treatment. Trust that once you travel with us, you will find that we are second to none. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a memorable Joie de Divas experience
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